Our history


Founded in 1975, North Phoenix Christian Soccer Club, has always practiced and played games at North Phoenix Baptist Church on N. Central Ave. and Bethany Home Rd.  For the last 44 years  the club has been led by Myles Grunewald and 30 years after founding it, the first players who were refugees joined the club. At that point Myles and his wife Carol decided together to use the entirety of their 401k to fund the club themselves which they did for 13 years, spending every dollar on the club until those funds ran out in 2018. During that time, players ranging in age from 6-20 years old, and coming from close to 30 different countries, were given the gift of playing competitive soccer, growing friendships, and being part of a community where they knew they belonged. In 2019, the club gained 501(c)3 status and officially became a non-profit organization. 

North Phoenix Christian Soccer Club does not recruit players. Our players join by word of mouth. Besides providing children the opportunity to play soccer, we also do the following:

1) Pick up and drop off players for all practices and games

2) Provide all needed equipment (shoes, socks, uniforms, shin guards, balls, practice clothes etc..)

3) Feed players meals on practice and game days

4) Support families in various aspects of adjusting to American culture. 

5) Help enroll players in schools

6) Tutor

7) Support players in career planning and higher education goals

We are committed to seeing our organization sustain its mission for many decades to come.  Please consider partnering with us!