Our Leadership

Myles Grunewald- Club Founder      

Myles Grunewald has been part of North Phoenix Christian Soccer Club for over 44 years.  His love for soccer and giving all children the opportunity to play led him and his wife Carol to begin serving children and families who are refugees.  For over 13 years they funded the club with their own 401k until the money ran out.   Today as an official non-profit, Myles is the designated president of the  board.  You will find him most days in his white van, transporting children to practice, games, and church.   His sacrificial giving inspires everyone who have the privilege of meeting him in person. 

Alondra Vasquez- Club Administrator        

Thirteen years ago, Alondra joined NPCSC where her son was a player.  Eventually he grew up and began coaching.  At that point Alondra had taken on most of the administrative duties of the club, which she continues to this day.  Alondra is the club "mom" wearing many hats.  With her husband Miguel, she has opened up her home to players in need of a place to stay.  She has a true heart for each and every player on the team and their families.